Semi trailer wrap, fleet, commercial vehicle, best billboard. Advertising

What’s better than a billboard? A moving billboard that can go anywhere and be viewed by different people in your area or around the world! If you compare the price of a billboard to a wraps longevity and the amount of people that will see the wrap over the corse of its life, well it should be a no brainer!

Futuramic wrap

Boat wraps, 3M 1080-G77 Gloss sky blue center Console. Digital print wrap.

Wrapping your boat can be a great way to change the color, Protect the origanl finish, or just give it that extra pizzazz to make it stand out from the rest! It can be something as simple as a color change to full blown digital graphics that really personalizes your boat for pleasure or advertisement.

Andiamo Catering and Events Warren MI truck wrap


This is the first in a series of truck wraps we will be doing for Andiamo catering and events. The truck turned out amazing and we look forward to many other projects the Andiamo franchise and its many afileations may have for us in the future!

Andiamo catering image

Garfield Family Practice Clinton Twp MI

Custom parking lot signs for Doctors office